Sunday, August 12, 2007

Return to the land of internet access

After having significantly less internet access than originally anticipated while away, I'm back in the land of DSL connections and wireless networks. I certianly miss the relaxation of the cottage, but not the feeling of being in someone else's space and being somewhat unwillingly disconnected from the rest of the world.

Some of the highlights of vacation:

- my sweetie arriving at the airport

- getting pounced on for a good 15 minutes every morning by Annie, dad's cousin's dalmation, while we were staying at his place

- discovering that the rather ancient and slow computer we were attempting to use was running Windows Professionelle, requiring me to press my questionable french into service in the name of getting high speed up and running (which we didn't, but not as a result of my lack of quality french)

- encountering a deer on the road while driving back to the hotel one night

- so much good, local food from the farmer's market and the couple of tomato plants at the cottage:

- lots of low-key, hangout time here:

- visiting old haunts for what may well be the last time:

(The marina just down the road.)

(The lock down the river.)

(The monuments we always called "the shapes park" - such a great place for hide and go seek, and this photo only required a bit of trespassing to take.)