Friday, April 13, 2007

Colour Patterns

Athough I'm sure they've been around for awhile, it's only recently that I've started noticing colour patterns around my apartment. Blue bits in the bathroom. Red bits in the living room. Aqua bits in the bedroom.

Aqua has never really been my colour, but I see it cropping up more and more, and keep bringing bits of it home with me.

First, it was this piece of vintage hobnail.

When we cleaned out my grandmother's house, I found this in the very back of one of her top kitchen cupboards, dusty and with beer mugs and pickle dishes stacked in front of it. I fell in love with immediately, and home it came with me (along with a car full of other things.)

Then, came this Avon cream jar.

From the local Goodwill, this was in with someone's excessive collection of vintage Avon perfume and cream jars. It came with a horrible gold plastic top, that has since been tossed. Now, it holds votive candles.

Not long after, I came across these pressed glass candle holders, also from a local thrift store.

They love on my nightstand, and throw some lovely, refracted light.

In more thrifty goodness, iust recently I also picked up a lidded glass jar that now lives in my bathroom.

It's use? Still undecided. I pictured it holding something like cotton balls in the bathroom, but it's a wee bit..well...wee for that, so we'll see.

And, finally, also fed by my thrifting habit, came these second and third bits of hobnail, to live with grandma's bowl.

They don't really have a purpose right now, other than the odd bit of ring and earring holding, but I find myself quite enamoured with them, and also with the entirety of my growing collection of aqua.

Does anyone else have unintentional colour trends surfacing around their homes?

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kmay1 said...

It is interesting how at different times certain colors seem to repeat around us. It seems we may attract colors we need to evoke particular feelings or dissapate others or maybe we just find one thing we like and then attract more items in the color.