Thursday, November 01, 2007


Or, yet another thing to do in November.

I like the idea of NaBloPoMo. I like the idea of posting everyday, and I certainly appreciate the push to do so, given how sporadic (at best) my blogging tends to be. But this month is to be the Month of the Big Push. I've done a lot of work in the last few weeks, but I still have a lot of things left to do, which may not lend my time to daily blogging.

But, at the same time, I certainly have things to talk about - stories to tell from the last few months, the things I've been thinking, work stuff, fun stuff, cleaning stuff, play stuff - really, lots of stuff. And so, while I may not exactly make the "daily" part of Daily Ethnography true, I'm going to give posting again a go, and see how it turns out.

Part of my trouble with this blog, I think, is that I have two many interests, and somehow the freedom to write about all of them in one place is overwhelming. It feels rather like writing about everything that I could possibly write about would produce a big, garbled mess were it all introduced within the confines of this one little space. But I suppose there's no way to know until I try, and I'm never going to post regularly at all if I keep holding back because of this. And so, here goes nothing...


idgie said...

i'm a fan of blogging all one's interests together vs. splitting them up into "themed" blogs like many folks do. it's more fun to read a blog that includes a range of interests, even though not every reader will connect on every level. anyhoo, looking forward to NaBloPoMo on Daily Ethnography!

DE said...

Thanks for the input - it's good to know there are other people out there with the same perspective on this. I just have so many interests, it's hard enough to manage them in my head and life sometimes, let alone writing about them. But I have hope it can be done!