Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Daily Ethnography

I thought perhaps I'd try to explain the reasons for this blog title. Although it's not all of what I do now, I was trained as an anthropologist, and I still use ethnography as a large portion of my research. As a research approach, I find ethnography hugely interesting - accounting for a culture, a way of life, a cultural practise in almost any group of people in any site involved in any practice feels so open and free and like such a great way of understanding the world a little bit as a time.

I wanted to think about my life in the same way. I wanted to think about different facets of who I am and why, and especially how they fit together in my world. I wanted to detail and maybe even understand some of these things that I might otherwise not even notice, let alone think about. I wanted to notice and appreciate all of these things independently and in some kind of overarching version of me.

This is an ethnography of me. It won't necessarily be daily in terms of how I post, but it will be daily in terms of what I think and talk about here. This probably means it will be somewhat eclectic, and likely somewhat jumpy. And, this is, at first glance, a small post, but I expect there will be lots more to say.But I'm looking forward to, as with so many things in life, figuring it out as I go.

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