Monday, November 06, 2006

No pictures, but much thrifting

I went thrifting today. I had lots of do, but I was feeling pretty bad physically (to the point where I felt that marking feeling the way I was feeling wouldn't be entirely fair to my students, especially in terms of my ability to concentrate on what they were saying.) And so, I decided that getting out for a bit and takingsome time to do something that I enjoy would help me more than sitting around and worrying about the work that I wasn't doing. So I got up, put on a comfy seater, grabbed some music, and caught the bus to the local thrift store.

I like thrifting (to use the improper yet still-great verb form of the word) for a variety of reasons. I like that it's cheap, and that I can get a whole pile of stuff for less than the cost of a t-shirt in most stores. I like that it reuses things that might not otherwise be used again. I like that it removes some of the guilt, for me at least, of supporting big stores with questionable labour practise. I like that most of the stuff has lasted well enough to be there, and that it will likely last a little longer. I also like that if it doesn't, because of the price it's not such a big loss. I like that there aren't outfits all laid out for you, so you think about what you're putting together and can put it together in new and interesting ways. And I love that there are all manner of neat, interesting and, for me, especially vintage clothes that are all unique and usually pretty reasonably priced.

Today, I didn't pick up that much. A copy of Madeline, the children's book (I love children's books, and have a growing collection.) A great long white shirt that I want to modify to fit a little better. A great small vintage platter, to go with my other vintage housewares. And, best of all, an adjustable dressmaker's dummy, for a whole $10. I have 2 already, but this is in the best shape of all three. Right now, it's in my bedroom, since I've always wanted to have one there.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos yet. Photos are proving to be difficult, especially since my apartment faces north with a balcony over the windows, so there is very, very rarely enough natural light in here to take a non-flash photo that looks even remotely good. I'm working on lighting, but figuring out a combo of natural and artificial lighting might take a while. If anyone has any tips on reasonable photo-taking with a pretty basic digital camera, I'd be more than happy to hear it.

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