Wednesday, November 15, 2006

T-minus seven days

...'til vacation...

I'm taking a week and a half for visiting and to go to a very dissertation-related conference at which I hope to network my little heart out.

In terms of the visiting, I get to see my funny, smart, wonderful boyfriend for a week and a bit, and we have a bunch of stuff that we want to do. There will be good food and tv and movies and walks and baths and hopefully some trips out and, most importantly, lots of cuddling and canoodling (isn't canoodling an awesome word?)

For the conference, I get to meet and hang out with a who's who of my field. I'm looking forward to hearing some great speakers and panels, and to having some time to network. I've been hoping to make some good connections for awhile now, and I'm hoping this will be the opportunity I need. The scholars in my field are limited at my current University, and the more outside contacts I can get the better off I am. But, really, I'm just excited about the whole prospect of getting away to a great guy and a great conference. The travelling itself will be rather rushed and probably not such a great thing, but I can deal with that. 'Cause even lousy travel can lead to a really great trip.

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