Friday, November 10, 2006

Fridge Friday

Thanks again to Kate for this post. She's asked (or suggested, at least) that people post photos of their fridge. And so, I have done so.

My fridge:

More than anything else, what you see here is an attempt at healthy eating. Organic jam, applesauce, natural PB, and a lot of fruits, veggies, low fat milk, and whole grain bread. Lots of leftovers make their way in too, which are handy for my busy days (it's leftovers that are under that upturned plate in the bottom - in the interest of environmental concern, I upsended a plate over my bown instead of using plastic wrap.) Generally, there are a lot of staples in here, since I usually cook from scratch. It's not all perfect, but I think I do okay for myself on a fairly regular basis. And, what you can't see in this photo is the bottom crisper, which is full of fruits and veggies (and, honestly, probably a little bit of mold at this point, too.)

And here's it's door:

And here we have mostly things that I use to make other things - sauces and condiments and some tofu, oh my.

There are also a few things missing that aren't in there right now that I usually have on hand. This week, I seem to be missing yogurt, V8, an extra jug of water, and a big loaf of bakery multigrain bread.

(As a side note, it seems that the fridge is the only thing in my apartment that is well-lighted enough to take pictures of. I guess I'll be moving lights around soon to see if I can get some more photos.)

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Katherine said...

awesome! this whole peeping tom fridge thing is hilarious and lovely and i don't know why it makes me so giggly but it does . . . mmmmm minced garlic! :)