Friday, November 03, 2006

(No longer so) blah

Despite my intentions to create a lovely picture-laden post for today, the more the day progresses the less likely that is to happen. It's cold and grey, and I can't take a photo to save my life. Also, I'm sick and completely hunkered into bed.

12 hours later...

I've decided to reconsider this post, and the general whiney-ness of it, 12 hours after I originally wrote and published it. Apparently publishing a post while feeling lousy can, in my world at least, be akin to those scary drunken 3 am phone calls that you sometimes hear about people making that lead to nothing but regret (has anyone ever actually made one of those calls themselves? I don't do drunk, but there are definitely some phone calls in my past that weren't made at the best of times and certainly didn't go anywhere as well as I'd planned.) At least the Internets are merciful in the fact that they allow for editing.

So, instead of continuing to focus on the yucky, I'm going to focus on the positive from my day. I finished some marking, which is a very good thing, and I dealt with some emails that needed attention. I talked to my boyfriend (three times), which is lovely and funny and leaves me feeling generally pretty great. I got up and danced in my living room to (good) bad music and had a fabulous time. I packed up another bag of stuff to donate to charity, leaving my apartment a little cleaner and me feeling both lighter and a bit like I was contributing to something. I read in bed and enjoyed myself immensely. I did my dishes and cleaned my kitchen and made my home feel a little more lovely and comfy for me.

This list seems a little boring, typed up like this on a computer screen. But, it's amazing what a difference it can make to write out the positive instead of the negative in terms of changing my perspective on a day that, originally, felt not so good and is now feeling pretty terrific.

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