Wednesday, November 08, 2006

She's making a list...

Every year, my mother asks for ideas for Christmas gifts that I would like. Every year, I have fewer and fewer ideas to offer her. Between my fairly comfortable and well-appointed little apartment, my love of thrift stores, and my need to curb my consumption and get rid of a bunch of stuff, I actually don't want that much. Music is downloaded, books come from (and are returned to the library), and most of the things that I buy I make or acquire second-hand - basically, my needs are met increasinly in ways that mean that I can (hopefully) cut down on how much I buy.

In a way, the requests are also limited by her. She refuses to buy my textbooks, although now that I'm working on comprehensive exam prep, I'd love to get some of the books that I need. She also won't buy me really practical things like socks, even when I specifically ask for them. In some cases, unless I give her the specific make and model number of something, she gives me a giftcard and sends me out to get it myself (and that's how my crock pot came to be last year.) In some ways, it's a nice gesture. Although she wants to get me things that I'll use, she also wants to take the time and effort to get me things that I wouldn't really buy for myself, which I think is a caring and lovely thing to do (and such a mom thing!)

In any case, I really don't have much in the way of ideas this year. I have some books that I'm interested in, and the odd DVD or CD on the list. But, this year, I'm considering just asking for a donation to charity. I don't need anything, and other people do, and I'm liking the idea of helping other people to have a better Christmas - toys for children who don't have any, food for people who need a warm meal, general means of making the world a little bit better for people, if possible. I don't know how this idea will go over, but I think it sounds like a great Christmas present, and one that's not just good for me.

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