Thursday, November 16, 2006

Projects yet to come

I picked up this yarn awhile ago (significantly on sale), and I have yet to decide what to do with it.

The bright red, pink, and aqua are all Suss cotton, while the darker red is, as I recall, merino. It's nice stuff, but thus far I've only decided the dark red will be a scarf for my dad (which is the purpose that I bought it for.)

I have a problem with craft stuff, though. I have a lot of materials. Actually, I have a lot of really nice materials - a bit of decent yarn, some nice vintage and other fabric, lots of lovely buttons, and all sorts of other bits and pieces. The trouble is, I'm loathe to use a lot of it. I have a hard time decided what to do with my stuff. This is, in part, because I have so many options, chosing just one project for some materials that I love can be really difficult. And, on top of that, I tend to feel that I may want the materials for something else later - a better project that would be just perfect.

Really, I know having this stuff should be about using and enjoying it, but I sometimes feel like I'm always searching for the perfect project which never comes and would probably not be absolutely perfect anyway. I think this is something that I need to get over, and just use my stuff (in part, because the collection of stuff that I have around here really needs to shrink and be used.)

I think I need to go cut into something now...

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