Sunday, November 19, 2006

I need a project

I feel like I need a project. A big one. (Because apparently comps and a dissertation just aren't enough.) I want something to do.

I was rereading parts of fiftyRx3 today, and I love the idea of having a big meaninful, long project to work on. I briefly considered adopting a project similar to Danyelle's - trying to ensure that 50 per cent of her wardrobe is stylish but sustainable, so either reduced, reused, or recycled - but I didn't think it would work so well. Most of wardrobe is recycled (easily 80 per cent, right now), and I'm not so very stylish, so that might not work so well.

I just want something continual to do that is interesting and meaningful to me, and not really related to school directly, but to some of my wider interests. A few ideas I've been playing with are:

- buying nothing new
- creating one knitting or sewing project a month for a charity
- creating an art project once a week just for me, as an exercise in creativity

Honestly, getting started is also a bit of a challenge because I know how bad I can be, especially when school gets busy, at sticking to projects. I always have the best of intentions, but keeping at stuff just doesn't always work so well, and it's hard to get started when I know it's something that might well get left by the wayside.

But, I think this time that it might just be important for me to try, to start, to at least get something going. And, maybe from that point, I'll find something that really works for me.

[Insert pithy/clever final line here.]

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